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About: Acupuncture

Originating in China more than 2500 years ago, acupuncture is a mode of treatment based on the philosophy that our health depends on the body's energy (called Qi - pronouced 'chee') moving in a constant and smooth way through channels or 'meridians' beneath the skin.

Unfortunately many things can affect this flow including emotions, trauma or injury, climate, pathogens such as poison or viruses, and diet and exercise. Illness or pain is a sign that these factors (and many others) have interrupted the flow of Qi and it has become blocked, depleted or disturbed. 

A practitioner of Chinese Medicine uses acupuncture needles and other treatments to restore, re-balance and smooth the flow thereby restoring health, reducing pain and encouraging natural healing. 

Acupuncture continues to be studied by western medicine and it's use is becoming more commonplace. It is also becoming more available via private health insurance companies and is increasingly used as an alternative to traditional western treatment. 


Sun Si Miao 581-682 AD

China's 'King of Medicine'

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