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About: Zoe Flowers

BSc(Hons) Ac, Lic Ac, MBAA

After working in various administrative roles for large corporate companies since leaving school, I was suddenly able to choose what I wanted to do for a living.

Searching for something which would allow me to study, work for myself and help people, I came across Chinese Medicine by pure chance! Having no experience of acupuncture as a treatment and knowing nothing of this ancient technique, I read the only book available at the local library and was instantly captivated.

Committing to the 3 & ½ year degree course at The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading, I knew I had made the right choice; Traditional Chinese Medicine was exciting and it made sense as a holistic and drug free way of treating and helping people.

Graduating in 2018, I started treating patients in my own clinic and have continued adding skills and knowledge as I practised. The variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions that can be treated still amazes me and I hope that you decide to try it and discover for yourself the benefits to mind, body and soul that acupuncture can bring.


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